White:  something so basic and universal is to be appreciated.  The pleasure derived from white clouds and white waterfalls is not unlike the pleasure derived from a fresh pair of white sneakers or a brand-new white hardball.  Original White BlotzPro - this basic needs no embellishment to win!


BlotzPro is made with superior, hard-working fabric featuring a unique blend of carefully selected materials  The patent-pending pad is specially manufactured to specifications designed for long lasting comfort as you blot your perspiration. The perfect combination of material softness and body was chosen to soothe and calm facial skin. Our product research and development spanned 18 months, the time required to create a revolutionary clothing accessory for the active lifestyle consumer. We believe you will join other like-minded individuals who have come to rely on BlotzPro to enhance their facial  comfort while on the go. So Go Ahead and Break that Sweat ~ BlotzPro Is Always with You! 

Natural White - Pak of 5

SKU: 0001
  • We want you to be completely satisfied with your BlotzPro.  If you're not happy with its perspiration management performance, please begin your refund process by sending us an email stating your issue via our Contact Us page.  We will endeavor to resolve promptly your concerns to your full satisfaction.