BlotzPro is reusable.

BlotzPro is practical.

BlotzPro is absorbent.

BlotzPro can be used instead of, or in conjunction with, your current sweatband products.

BlotzPro is made from terry cotton similar to sweatband material.

With BlotzPro you no longer need to smear your face with your dirty jersey top.

BlotzPro is considered fashionable.

BlotzPro is affordable. 

BlotzPro is recyclable.

Because BlotzPro is multifunctional, it is a value-purchase: it can be used in the kitchen, car or garden when it's usefulness as a sweatband has expired.

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"Can I reuse my BlotzPro?" 

The answer is, yes. Here's how:

Gently run your used BP under warm water, rinsing lightly. Lay the wet BP flat with the sticky side up and allow to dry completely. While wet, it will appear that the adhesive nature of the BP is gone. However, when fully dry, the adhesive ability of your BP will return. Use as usual. You may do this as many times as the adhesive properties of the BP return. 

Tip: Don't be too quick to discard your BP. It can be repurposed. Use it in your kitchen, car or garden when its usefulness as a sweatband has expired.